Review: Everlane’s Pima Stretch Tank

everlane pima stretchGuys, it was time for a wardrobe update. You know those little holes you get at the bottom of t-shirts when you’ve been wearing them for too long? They look like they were caused by an attacking zipper in the washing machine? (Jean hardware is really to blame, here’s your proof.) Well, my undershirts were riddled with them. I had three that I would rotate between: one black, one white, one grey. All hole-y.

So I took the plunge and ordered some Pima Stretch Tanks from Everlane. Yes–one black, one white, one grey. All XS.

So here’s my quick product review: Everlane has made a deal with the devil, apparently, and can do no wrong. These shirts are fantastic. They’re thin, but substantial enough that I can wear them on their own. They cover up my bra straps fantastically. And they have enough length to them that I’m not constantly pulling them down as I was with my previous undershirts.

That’s really all I have to say. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Oh, and those shoes that I’m wearing? Those are my Everlane Modern Loafers. As predicted, the blister they caused upon first wearing went away, and now I’m left with a fantastic pair of shoes.

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