Saturday Coffee Digest: Week 43

It’s 11:40 A.M. and my child is over an hour deep into his first nap. WHAT IS THIS LIFE?! I’ll take it. And I’ll also update YOU ALL FINE PEOPLE on what’s been going on in our lives this week.

What I Read

  • Getting Grit — I finished it. Which means that now…I guess all that’s left is for me to get grit!
  • Before the Devil Breaks You — Eep, newest Diviners book! I finished all my Newbery Book Club books early this month, which means I get to dive into this lovely, eerie hunk of a novel. I’m enjoying it so far. Getting back into the world of Evie and her friends.
  • Stranger in a Strange Land — My newest Audible book, since I finally finished The Fellowship of the Rings. It certainly is interesting so far. I like reading the old sci-fi novels, seeing where their projections went wrong and where they were right about things.

What I Ate

  • Cajun Shrimp with Lemon Rice. This is a recipe we got from the priest’s wife in Vegas and it is oh so yummy. Perfect for Orthodox Fast days.
  • Acorn Squash with Kale and Sausage. Um. I made it, but then I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat my portion, and J was working late so he didn’t eat his portion. So the entire thing is wrapped in foil in the fridge!
  • I made Pea Fritters for Ambrose. He’s ambivalent about them, as he is about every new food he tries.
  • I haaaad to get Starbucks’ new Zombie Frappuccino when it came out. It was awful, of course, and everyone needs to try one. Brainsssss!
  • Speaking of new drinks, I made myself a Brandy Alexander because the baby was in bed and I was home alone. It’s one of those drinks that’s too good, if you know what I mean. Too drinkable. I just wanted to down the entire thing in one sip.
  • Oh! Let’s not forget the Grilled Fajita salads I assembled! So yummy.

What I Watched

  • Stranger Things 2! Aah! So good so far! I’m only several minutes into the third episode but there’s SO MUCH I WANT TO DISCUSS! Like, poor Steve with the Good Hair. And also the fact that Dustin totally should not be housing d’Artagnon because clearly that thing is going to grow massively and turn into a huuuuuuge problem.
  • The Good Place, on recommendation from some friends. So fun already! But I know…something that gets revealed in Season 2. Which makes the viewing experience different. But still super fun.

What I Wrote

  • Finishing Getting Grit reminded me that I was going to be all gritty and finish Basically Yours by the end of the year but totally got sidetracked with The Story Grid and my shiny new Lit Fic pastiche. But I’m back on track now, back to converting it to 1st person and pretending to be productive. One day I’m going to have to face that second semester…

What I Accomplished

  • Um, well…I got all the Halloween candy bought!
  • Ooh, this is a good one: I installed Ambrose’s new convertible (read: big boy) car seat. I went with the Britax Boulevard Clicktight and couldn’t be happier. It’s super easy to install, and will be wonderful for switching between cars when we take longer trips and need to be a bit more fuel-efficient.

Baby Stuff

  • Following up on the Early Intervention tiebreaker I mentioned a couple weeks ago — no therapy needed! Hooray.
  • Ambrose is really into pulling up and standing these days. Basically that’s all his days consist of: standing, along with chewing on things. Now if he could learn to put himself back down reliably, that would be A+.
  • Leap 7 is in the house, but we aren’t feeling it too much, thankfully (this seems to be the trend for the odd Leaps). The first week was rough for sleep, but once we got through that things went back to normal. Phew!
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