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Getting Back Into Me Time

This is why I can’t finish a first draft. #excuses #buddingwriter

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It’s Thursday! So let’s not talk about the baby. Let’s talk about me. And writing. And how I’ve finally found my way back to it after eight months of stagnancy. Read more

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Friday Roundup for Week 11

Buh-bye, donuts and milky coffee.
Buh-bye, donuts and milky coffee.

Okay, so I realize that I’ve featured food as my Friday image for the past two weeks. But food is sort of huge in my life, alright? Except, not right now, because it’s Lent, and I’m weeping. Well, I’m not really weeping. I’m full of joyful sorrow. Or something like that.

Anywho! My week. Read more

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The Lifechanging Magic of #continuouspractice

Catching up on 2 weeks of lost work meant I didn't have much time to write beyond my 20 minutes of #continuouspractice time today, but that's exactly why I'm grateful for it.

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So there’s this thing I discovered through a VCFA pal. It’s called #continuouspractice, and boy, is it magical. Read more

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