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The 7 Habits of Highly-Effective Mothers

Pumpkin bread, hazelnut decaf, exciting new craft book. Perfect fall Saturday (minus the fact that the baby is off on a walk with Dad because he refused his second nap.)

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We’re All In This Together

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Saturday Coffee Digest: Week 40

Turns out the way to get him to play with the triangle was to simulate cow peril.

Another week down! It went fast and I don’t feel like I got too much done, but such is the nature of #momlife.  Read more

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Saturday Coffee Digest: Week 39

Coffee Digest is kind of a dumb name for this, but it was the only thing I could come up with. What I mean by it is: grab your morning cup of coffee and think back over my week with me! And if a snappier name for this weekly digest ever comes to me I’ll be sure to swap it out without notice. Kidding! I think.

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Semester 5, Packet 1

It is August 31. I have officially been a Master for one month and eleven days. Ten days?

Okay, I’m not sure. What I’m saying is that my first full month of not being in school is more than finished. If I were still a student, I’d be well on my way to completing my second packet.

But I’m not. And I’m not.

So what have I accomplished? A lot, thank you for asking! Read more

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