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Saturday Coffee Digest: Week 39

Coffee Digest is kind of a dumb name for this, but it was the only thing I could come up with. What I mean by it is: grab your morning cup of coffee and think back over my week with me! And if a snappier name for this weekly digest ever comes to me I’ll be sure to swap it out without notice. Kidding! I think.

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Gaming the Starbucks System

Or, Sticking It to the Starbucks Man.

That’s right. Today we’re here to talk about my Starbucks Gold Card quest, number 7 on my Mostly-Easily-Attainable 30 Before 30 List. Read more

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September Promises

September is here. Insert obligatory joke about waking me up when September ends. (But actually, I’ll stay awake–I’ve had some pretty frightening nightmares the past two nights and would prefer to walk among the living, for now.) And while the arrival of this ninth month of 2015 may signal a change in weather for some folks, here in the Las of Vegas, it’s still summer. For the next two months.

Le sigh.

Anyway, I’m not here to write about the weather. I’m here to write about what this new month is bringing me: possibly, an end to my current job. What? Read on. Read more

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30 Before 30 (the Easy Way)

Ben and Jerry's Yo[K, so I started this awhile ago but I don’t feel like changing it around too much so just…pretend. Okay?]

Ahoy! Long time no write!

Alas, I am back, almost [wait, yes] a Master, bursting with post-school energy, and…

…turning thirty in a mere 16 [correction, 14] months. Hello, old age. (Just kidding, just kidding.) (But really.) Read more

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