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Getting Back Into Me Time

This is why I can’t finish a first draft. #excuses #buddingwriter

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It’s Thursday! So let’s not talk about the baby. Let’s talk about me. And writing. And how I’ve finally found my way back to it after eight months of stagnancy. Read more

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The Lifechanging Magic of #continuouspractice

Catching up on 2 weeks of lost work meant I didn't have much time to write beyond my 20 minutes of #continuouspractice time today, but that's exactly why I'm grateful for it.

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So there’s this thing I discovered through a VCFA pal. It’s called #continuouspractice, and boy, is it magical. Read more

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Friday Roundup for Week 8

ben and jerrys sadThis week has been trying, for many reasons. Hint: one of my Bucket List items is turning out to be more difficult than I’d imagined it would be. Ah, well.

The other thing is, remember the job that I quit last September in order to stay home and write full time? They called me last Friday and asked if I might be available to help fill in for a couple of weeks while they train a new tech. And like the silly person I am, I said yes. (Funny story about this: I initially thought it was my dentist’s office calling to remind me of an appointment. So when they asked if I might be able to tech for them for a couple of weeks, I was utterly confused, hence my not-so-thought-through answer.)

It’s been sort of amazing to see how quickly I can jump back into things at the office. Like, zero training needed. Hi, I’m back in the fray. That said, it has taken a bit of a toll on my weekly accomplishments. Read on. Read more

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September Promises

September is here. Insert obligatory joke about waking me up when September ends. (But actually, I’ll stay awake–I’ve had some pretty frightening nightmares the past two nights and would prefer to walk among the living, for now.) And while the arrival of this ninth month of 2015 may signal a change in weather for some folks, here in the Las of Vegas, it’s still summer. For the next two months.

Le sigh.

Anyway, I’m not here to write about the weather. I’m here to write about what this new month is bringing me: possibly, an end to my current job. What? Read on. Read more

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Semester 5, Packet 1

It is August 31. I have officially been a Master for one month and eleven days. Ten days?

Okay, I’m not sure. What I’m saying is that my first full month of not being in school is more than finished. If I were still a student, I’d be well on my way to completing my second packet.

But I’m not. And I’m not.

So what have I accomplished? A lot, thank you for asking! Read more

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In Which I Return to Blogging

Not counting the eight-odd blog entries I wrote on this thing last year, I’ve sort of been off the map for two years. Shall I tell you what I’ve done in the mere span of (plus-or-minus) 24 months? Read more

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