The Future of EmilyIRL (Don’t Worry, It’s Good!)

You want a photo of a cute baby? Here’s a photo of a cute baby. You’re welcome.

Oh hi, franz. It’s been…a while. Like, almost nine months (excepting, of course, my ultra-regular monthly Ambrose updates).

Where do I start? I had a baby. He was sick. He got better. And then, a month after returning home, like the doofus I am, I decided to start a different blog, focused on motherhood and self-development.

The new blog was going to be called Warm Milk Cold Coffee. As in: the baby needs the warm milk, the mom needs the coffee. But by the time the mom returns to the coffee after attending to the baby, it’s gone cold. Get it? Fun idea, right? I was going to post baby stuff on Tuesdays and personal development stuff on Thursdays.

Ironically, it never quite made it past the idea stage, and last night in a fit of sleeplessness (me, not the baby!) I decided that I would let it be. Because here’s the thing: after completing almost a month of #continuouspractice on my actual YA writing — you know, the thing I went to grad school for — I’m actually super back into it and have resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be able to concentrate on  both a serious, money-making blog and churn out drafts. I’m not even sure I would be able to do that without a baby demanding all my attention.

Still, though, I do enjoy blogging, only because I have some weird FOMO about not sharing my thoughts on banal everyday stuff. And then I realized: I have a perfectly good blog, with a lovely, albeit scattered, history. It’s called EmilyIRL. It’s this very blog you’re reading right this moment.

(Side note: I just got really distracted and read back on some of my old blog entries. Retooling this blog and monetizing it was completely one of my New Year’s resolutions! So really, I’m just circling back to exactly what I intended to do all along. Go me.)

So guess what I’m going to do now. I’ll bet you can’t guess. No, try. Give up? I’m going to post baby stuff on Tuesdays and personal development stuff on Thursdays, except here. On this very blog you’re reading. But wait, there’s more! Remember how I used to do weekly roundups? Ima bring those back, except on Saturdays instead of Fridays. They’re a nice way to review my week, especially these days when it’s hard to see what exactly I accomplish in a given week. (I keep the baby alive! That should be accomplishment enough, no?) I’m also going to try and actually engage on my Facebook page more. Because, yeah. I have a Facebook page. Heh.

Will I monetize? I dunno, maybe eventually. I do want to be able to afford schmancy preschool for Ambrose, after all, and I actually do still want to put together that week-by-week guide to pregnancy. (Though admittedly now that I’m not pregnant I’ve forgotten a lot of the stuff I wanted to put into it. Ha! Guess I’ll just have to do my research. Or get pregnant again. DOUBLE HA!)

So anyway, personal word vomit over. TL;DR: the future of this blog is bright. I’m looking forward to getting back into it. And, bonus! I’ll probably be sharing a lot more pictures of my cute spawn. It’s a win-win-win. Win. Win win.



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