The Lifechanging Magic of #continuouspractice

Catching up on 2 weeks of lost work meant I didn't have much time to write beyond my 20 minutes of #continuouspractice time today, but that's exactly why I'm grateful for it.

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So there’s this thing I discovered through a VCFA pal. It’s called #continuouspractice, and boy, is it magical.

As far as I can tell, the movement was started by one Saundra Goldman back in 2015. As she writes on her website, “I sent out a post declaring my intention: I would commit to writing practice every day for twenty minutes, snap a picture of my notebook and/or surroundings, and post to Facebook with the hashtag, #continuouspractice. I invited others to create their own practice and run with me.”

What she discovered is the same thing I’ve discovered after just five days of Continuous Practice: that making and keeping the commitment is transformative. It’s twenty minutes a day, good gracious. I can set my timer and do anything for twenty minutes. Even if I’m not feeling into my story, I can bang out twenty minutes’ worth of crap. It’s words on the page, which means I’m advancing my story, day by day.

It’s late, and I don’t have much else to say on the topic. Except to challenge you, dear reader: what is it that you need #continuouspractice on? Reading? Piano-playing? Knitting customized sweaters for kittens? Go ahead. Set your timer. Twenty minutes will be over in no time.

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