Saturday Coffee Digest: Week 40

Turns out the way to get him to play with the triangle was to simulate cow peril.

Another week down! It went fast and I don’t feel like I got too much done, but such is the nature of #momlife. 

What I Read

  • Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice, one of this month’s Newbery Book Club books. It was a pretty quick read and so interesting — in fact, Rosa Parks was not the first person to refuse to move back on the buses in Montgomery! Claudette was one of the first, but her story has largely been lost to history for various reasons. Also, I found the book to be very relevant, as Montgomery is just an hour or so to the north. I’m finding myself much more interested in civil rights stuff now that I’m not a 5th grader going through the unit in school.
  • Before the Devil Breaks You, Libba Bray’s third installment in her Diviners series! The release snuck up on me but I made sure to pre-order it. I’ve only really had time to read the prologue but ooooo it’s gonna be a creepy one!
  • The Story Grid. I’m eating this one up, because I want the knowledge downloaded to my brain right meow. It’s really great and informative and will truly help me come up with compelling plot points BUT why does every Noun need to be capitalized?

What I Ate

  • Um. Spaghetti with meat sauce? Ooh, I also made a tofu stir fry using fermented black beans.
  • Tonight (Friday — I’m working ahead, after all) I’m planning on making spaetzle with parsley and bacon fried into it. [Update: I actually made this spaetzle recipe and then fried it up with some onions, bacon, parsley, and chives. SO DELICIOUS.]

What I Watched

  • All About Eve — started on Thursday night but haven’t finished it yet. I’m really enjoying it so far, though. [Update: we finished it on Friday night. Delightful movie! Ham-fisted ending.]

What I Wrote

  • More Continuous Practice, more Morning Pages! I’ve also been dreaming up a literary fiction pastiche. I’ll use the Story Grid to help plot it out. Woo.

What I Accomplished

  • Ehhhh. Kept the baby alive for another week. That’s my default answer.
  • Oh, I did make three purees: a banana-coconut-chia seed, a roasted blueberry-cinnamon-salt, and a spiced fish with red peppers, etc. The first two are partly for my own consumption, because baby purees are actually really delicious on yogurt and ricotta cheese. (Ambrose eats them like that too.)

Baby Stuff

  • We’re working on getting Ambrose evaluated for Early Intervention. One woman came on Wednesday, and another on Friday. They’ll compare notes, and if he has a 25% delay in any one area he qualifies for therapy. I’m not too concerned about his development at this point, but at the same time, it doesn’t hurt having strategies to help him grow in areas he’s slightly behind on. Wednesday’s evaluator was impressed that Ambrose feed himself with the spoon, so that’s a positive!
  • Ambrose has learned to wave! It’s very flappy and at first I wasn’t sure if it was truly waving, but he does it pretty consistently in front of a mirror.
  • Tooth #5 finally broke through. I’ve still been giving him a bit of Motrin at nights though, because Tuesday night was horrific and I don’t want to repeat it. Does that make me a bad mom?





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