Yes, the Starbucks-Gaming Game Worked: An Update

GoldHey, remember how I wrote about taking advantage of Starbucks’ million bonus star offers, and then read the fine print and quickly redacted everything on the basis that I had no evidence that my strategy would actually work?

Well I’m here to update that. And to tell you it worked. It really, really worked.I am a member of the elite. I am a Starbucks gold-card holder. And, thanks to my rabid star-collecting, I’m four stars away from receiving my second Lucky Dozen reward. Keep in mind, I’ve only visited Starbucks once since receiving notification of my gold card. And that’s only because I was in an airport and it was 5 a.m.

Since I know you all are curious (I mean, I know I am!), here’s a rundown of what exactly I spent my money on, and how much money I actually spent to get my gold card.

  • July 24. Used mobile pay to order a drink (cost not in app, but we’ll estimate $4.59). Earned one star for purchase, plus one bonus star.
  • July 30. Spent $4.59 for a drink, received one star.
  • August 27. Received three bonus stars. I think that was the day Starbucks just gave them out. I’m not entirely sure, though.
  • August 31. Spent $4.25 for a drink, received one star.
  • September 6. Star earned for purchasing Via packets from the supermarket. Estimated cost, $6.95.
  • September 7. Signed up for Star Dash.
  • September 8. Spent $4.59 for a PSL frappuccino, received one star.
  • September 17. Spent $4.59 for salted caramel frappuccino, received one star. Later that day, received three bonus stars for the PSL purchase.
  • September 21. Received three bonus stars for the salted caramel frap purchase.
  • September 22. Received six bonus stars for Via purchase on the 6th.
  • September 22. Filled out a customer experience survey, earned one star.
  • September 23. Spent $11.00 because I was at an airport and hungry, received one star.
  • September 30. Received ten bonus stars from the Star Dash.
  • October 1. Received two bonus stars for using mobile order & pay on the PSL/salted caramel frap purchases.

In summary: between July 24 and October 1, I earned a total of 36 stars for seven purchases. These purchases cost me a total of $40.56. I’d say this is a pretty good deal, given that, if an average drink costs $4.59, one would have to spend $137.70 to earn the gold card in thirty individual transactions.

Anyway, there’s your knowledge for the day. Go out and use it wisely. My favorite drink at Starbucks? A flat white.

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